How Much Does Cedar Fencing Cost?


Cedar fencing cost depends on the amount you are getting. For about 70 feet, it would cost about $2000. The price will vary based on location as well as the company you choose.
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Your location will directly affect the cost of the lumber required to build your fence. Prices for cedar planking for fences range between $1.50 and $4.00 per plank, but will vary
approx $ 8/linear foot on the economy end.go to Home Depot or Lowes, purchase materials and then go outside store and hire 3 Mexicans for $100/day each to do the installation. Do
We are a Central Florida Fence Company serving Orlando and it's surrounding communities and here is how we would price the job you are referencing. Keep in mind that prices differ
Cedar lumber is always a perfect choice for fence or other outdoor wood needs. Compared with other woods, cedar is more resilient and can survive under different challenges of weather
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How Much Does Cedar Fencing Cost?
Whether you intend to build a privacy fence or a purely decorative fence, you have a wide variety of wood from which to choose. While some people prefer pine or oak, cedar is a proven choice because of the natural elements within the wood that help... More »
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Cedar wood is a type of wood that comes from many different trees found throughout the world. Japanese cedar is commonly used for making homes, while California ...
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