How much does Chuck E. Cheese cost?


For $19.99, at Chuck E. Cheese you can get one medium pizza, two soft drinks and 25 play tokens. For 39.99, you can get a large pizza, four soft drinks and 100 tokens. It is the busy parents answer to a fun birthday party with no clean up afterwards.
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Chuck E. Cheese is free to get in, but you have to buy tokens for
it's FREE to get in and they have a good security system: they mark the hands of you and your kids so they know the right person goes home with the right kids. You do have to pay
They are not collectible they are worth the same as a 2010 token.
i believe the small package is 14.00 a kid and the superstar package is 19.00 a kid everything you need to know is at this link… this
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