How Much Does Coinstar Charge?


Coinstar is a company that installs machines within retail locations and banking establishments to transfer coins into paper money. Coinstar machines charge as much as 9.8 percent of the amount fed into the machine to be converted.
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i think its 10% but im not sure cause i had aalot of coins once and it only came out $20.00 or somthing.
In the US, the fee for coin counting service is 8.9 cents per dollar counted.
The ones here charge 10% Some banks have those machines available for patrons to use for free. My credit union has one in the lobby, and you are not even required to deposit the money
Coinstar has varying fee's but it is typically around 9% of the total change cashed in.
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Coinstar machines are popular choices for converting change into dollars or gift cards. If you choose to convert your change to dollars, Coinstar charges $0.08 per dollar. There are no additional fees if you turn your change into gift cards.
Coinstar charges 8.9 percent to convert your coins to a voucher, that's transferable to cash in the U.S. They charge 9.8 percent in Canada. For more information, see
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