How much does Comcast basic cable service cost?


Comcast basic cable service varies in price at different times, but as of March 2014, basic cable costs around $50 for 12 months. This price changes to a higher price after the initial 12 months.

Comcast also offers packages to save on TV service when it is bundled with other services such as internet and voice. Limited basic cable includes local broadcast stations such as ABC, NBC, PBS. Local government channels and education channels are included with limited basic as well. Expanding to basic cable, adds an additional 30 to 50 channels to a customer’s package. This includes channels such as MTV, ESPN, Disney and Fox news. These channels can vary based on the specific area.

Comcast often rents out cable boxes and other equipment with basic cable plans for a fee. If a customer wishes to avoid these fees, it’s necessary to purchase personal equipment that’s compatible with what Comcast can use, both for cable and for internet. Only certain routers work with Comcast internet service. Some televisions actually have cable box functionality built right into the device, so customers do not have to buy a different unit or rent one from Comcast in order to have the cable work.

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