How Much Does Cremation Cost?


A few years back the average cost was fifteen hundred dollars. Today it is closer to seveteen hundred dollars for a somple creamation.
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Depending of the type of cremation desired the prices vary. Cremations can start at $695 but could cost up to $3000 depending on other services offered in conjunction with the cremation
The costs of cremations very across the country. Canada has a slightly higher cremation rate than the USA. The rate of cremation is very high in BC which is over 85% The country as
The cost of a cremation service varies depending on the final disposition of a person's remains. Morticians often become involved in the cremation process; they are required by law
According to the General Price List Survey, the national average cost for a
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There are well over 250 crematoria in the UK which have been known to be run by local administrations. The cost will be as varied as preferences and location. ...
Cremation is much cheaper than traditional burials. The price for a cremation including memorial service averages $1650, while only the cremation itself costs ...
The typical cost of cremation is between 300 to 400 pounds. However owing to the rising costs, some places have raised it to around 500 pounds. ...
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