How much does ear piercing cost?


The cost of ear piercings will vary depending on the location, most small accessory stores in malls offer ear piercings from $12.00 or more some may cost less.
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It depends where you go. I heard at walmart its really cheap (under 10 $ I got mine done at claires. Their prices range from 18-42 $ They have a package that you get earings, soulution
Pricing may vary from location to location; average appears to be
An ear piercing gun is a tool used to pierce earlobes. Shaped like a handgun, it uses a spring action to push a sharp-pointed earring through the earlobe when the piercer pulls a
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An ear piercing can cost anywhere from $10 and up, depending on what kind of piercing you get (where in your ear), and how much the jewelry is that you choose to buy.
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