How Much Does Fentanyl Cost?


Fentanyl is a synthetic narcotic pain reliever. Its price vary according preparation and dose. Fentanyl cost would be around $160 to $432 per 10 pieces for the patch preparation.
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Fentanyl patches are a strong pain reliever often used in place of morphine. They are very expensive and depending on if your insurance covers them will depend their cost. They cost
$40 for 80mcgr patch. I'm missing out here,I have about 20 100mg/hr patches sat in cupboard doing nothing!
Fentanyl oral transmucosal lozenges (Actiq(r)) are typically sold at
Fentanyl is the generic. The price depends on what strength and type of fentanyl you need. For patches, at Walgreens, Duragesic 50 mcg is $331 for 10 patches. For fentanyl (generic)
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