How Much Does Flagstone Cost?


Flagstone is a flat stone that is most commonly used in paving. It can also be used to construct memorials and similar objects. Flagstone can cost anywhere between $5 to $13 per square foot.
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Building a new walkway and want to step it up a bit? If so, flagstone is a great choice of material. Price range is anywhere from $200-$500 per ton. It depends on thickness, color
Flag stones! Well i always find flag stones can vary in price but being a stone mason myself i could give you a resonably good price and i have workshops all over the country. I would
Connecticut blue stones (a type of flagstone) costs about $445
mine cost me ten cents per pound.I only bought one, so there was no delivery charge. you'll have to add that.mine was for my waterfall. about four ft wide by three. close to twenty
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The cost of flagstone patio goes for roughly between$1,009 and $1,527. To build a flagstone patio you first dig out the foundation, spread the crushed stone, sprinkle ...
The cost of a flagstone walkway depends on whether you plan on installing it yourself, or also paying for labor. For 107 square feet of flagstone walkway, you ...
How much something costs depends on what it is, the area it is from, what the retailer paid for it, the condition it is in and many other factors. Some costs are ...
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