How Much Does Freedom Boat Club Cost?


Freedom boat club is a way for people to enjoy boating without having all the hassle and cost of owning a boat. It is a membership-based boat-sharing program, where members pay for access to the boats, rather than ownership. Freedom Boat Club cost varies by the type of club you decide to join. The Boat Club costs $1,999 to join and there is a $199 per month fee for access to the boats up to 25 feet. The Cruiser Club costs $299 a month and gives access to boats up to 27 feet. The Yacht Club costs $399 a month and gives members access to Deck Boats, Cruisers and Yachts. Captain service is also available.
Q&A Related to "How Much Does Freedom Boat Club Cost?"
As of October 2010, if you join one of the Corporate Owned locations, pay a one time entry fee of $5,500 and receive the first 12 months of boating, no monthly fees for one year.
The cost is minimal for winterizing a boat- less than $150 in most shops -
It is going to cost 5 dollars. Have fun, ChaCha!
$139 for the 8GB.
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