How Much Does Gamestop Pay for Xbox 360?


As of March 2011, Gamestop offered a flat $40 or $65 in store credit to one patron in exchange for his Xbox. However, the exact value varies by store and depends on a lot of factors, including the condition of the unit. The only way to be sure is to take your game system to your local store and ask.
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now its $150.
Gamestop is having the promotion: Trade any three 360, PS3 or Wii
Usually they give you credit, not money, meaning you'll have to buy items in store with what they give you for your stuff. Considering they're both in good condition, and assuming
A new Xbox 360 250GB costs $299.99, w/ Kinect $399.99. An Xbox 360 4GB costs $199.99, w/ Kinect $299.99.
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You can get an Xbox 360 at Game Stop for approximately one hundred and fifty dollars. The console will come with one controller and most likely be used or refurbished ...
How much Gamestop will give you for your Xbox 360 depends on the condition of the console as well as the model. Used Xbox 360 models sell at Gamestop for between ...
It is 3.99 at gamestop. Thanks for using ChaCha! ...
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