How Much Does Gold Cost Per Gram?


The cost of gold is not always the same, it varies from time to time sometimes the price goes up and sometimes the price goes down depending on the current market situation. Present gold cost per gram in U.K is 28.41 Pounds.
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One gram of 18 karat gold is currently selling for approximately $45.09.
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Price reports range from £2 to £100. Or, $3.20 to $160. Thanks for using ChaCha.
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A gram of gold which is equal to .0321507466 troy ounces is currently priced at $35.56. Gold is usually listed by troy ounce, the current price of 1 troy ounce of gold is $1106.
The value of gold per gram can vary greatly. It all depends on where you live and the condition that it is in. The value of gold fluctuates often. You can look in your local newspaper under the financial section for the current value of gold per gram.
Today, gold is currently valued at about $45. This number can increase or decrease greatly due to the derivative market and gold market. I would recommend checking the price daily.
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