How Much does H and R Block Charge?


The fees that H&R Block charges are greatly dependent on any promotions they are running and how complicated your taxes are. Their fees can range anywhere from $0 to several hundred dollars. You can find out more information here:
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How much H&R Block charges depends on what forms you need to
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Normally near minimum.with the actual earnings on the number and type of forms you actually complete and charge for.
DO NOT go to Block. They are horrible. I was a IRS-trained tax preparer for 8 years and you wouldn't believe how many of their screwups I had to fix. Their "rapid refunds"
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How much H&R Block charges for tax preparation depends on a couple of things. One thing that affects the cost is where you're located. Another thing that affects ...
The cost of having your taxes prepared at H&R Block varies depending on the complexity of your return, any promotions they are offering, and how fast you want ...
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