How much does H&R Block charge for tax preparation?


How much H&R Block charges for tax preparation depends on a couple of things. One thing that affects the cost is where you're located. Another thing that affects the cost is the exact service you get and if there are any special circumstances. You should contact them directly for pricing for your needs.
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H & R Block do not list their fees online, because charges vary wit...
I USE TO WORK FOR HR BLOCK. I agree that they rip people off! I felt guilty doing it, which is why I no longer work for them. I definitely agree that they charge toooooo much!
It depends on where you live, what type of forms are used, how many different states you need to file, whether you own rental property, sold stocks, own a house, are part of a partnership
starting in mid january u can go to website and they will redirect u to a bunch of user friendly web sites they work with to do a free efile. if u made less than i think
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Tax Preparation
While filing and paying taxes are among the unpleasant certainties of life, the process doesn't have to be one of your worst, or most costly, nightmares…
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