How Much Does Heroin Cost?


The price of heroin, much like any other commodity, is dependent on the location and the supply and demand. Typically, a gram will cost you anywhere between 37 and 55 pounds or 7 pounds per dose. Heroin is an illegal drug in addition to the fact that its use is an expensive life and leads to addiction and in most cases death.
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The price of heroin will depend on the area it is being sold. It is normally sold on the street for as $30 to $200 per gram. Sometimes it is cut with other drugs that can make it immediately fatal.
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How much money heroin costs on the streets varies greatly from one area to another. It also depends on the purity of the heroin. Prices have been dropping steadily ...
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A kilo of heroin is worth between $100,00- $175,000. The high end price comes from Operation Black Gold Rush when 17 kilograms of heroin were taken by authorities ...
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