How much does heroin cost per gram?


In 2008, the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime claimed in their World Drug Report that the cost of heroin per gram was $172. In European countries it is usually between 35-40 pounds.
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The cost of gold per gram changes each day with the market. Currently the price per gram of gold is a little bit over one thousand dollars.
We know from data collected by the United Nations that the retail price of a gram
It retails at £15 per half gram.
where u at determines price.
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Heroin is an illegal drug in the UK but its medical use is controlled. A gram of heroin costs about £10 and this is the street price for a Class A drug ...
$50 has been quoted by an American source. In the UK it is rare for a dealer to sell grams - you usually only get what's called a "teenth" (sixTEENTH ...
The most common price for heroine in the UK is £40 per gram. However, based on reports from police forces, it's been established that it is now being sold ...
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