How Much Does Iron Cost Per Gram?


The iron in powder form cost 0.00515 US dollar per gram.Pig iron costs 0.00057 US Dollar per gram. Carefully keep away from moist and damp.
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One gram of iron costs $0.00446. cents; 2 dollars for 1 pound. Hope ive helped!
Iron costs $0.000132 per gram, or $132 per metric ton. Thanks for using ChaCha!
Here are some scrap prices and iron ore prices. The cost is highly dependent on the form, purity, and how much you want to buy. Source(s):
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The price of iron per gram is considered to be less than one cent; 12 dollars per pound and up to 400 dollars per ton. However, this price is bound to fluctuate ...
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When buying in bulk, as of 2012, the cost of tin per gram can be less than $0.02. This would be for basic tin with impurities. Extremely high quality tin, however ...
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