How much is the monthly water bill for a three bedroom house?


The water bill for a three bedroom house is dependent upon how many people are living in the house and use the water. Also, there is other factors like having a pool or how much laundry you wash.
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I'm single in a 2 bedroom house. My monthly average for a year. Water - £30 (not on meter) Gas - £30 Electric - £18
i think it`s $158,400.00 but i still need to see shawn`s answer worked so the figures match up. Was this answer helpful? Yes | No
Answer 1. I have forced air propane with electric spot heating and total bill runs $300 a month summer (air conditioning) and winter.If all electric 900sqft apartment should run only… This link has a table for the annual charges for council tax. Band B is £1089 a year and you would pay this ten months in the
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