How much does it cost per square foot to refinish a wood floor?


On average, the 2014 cost to refinish a hardwood floor ranges between $3.32 and $3.70 per square foot. This calculation is based on average costs for materials, unit productivity rates for labor and the national average for labor wages. The precise cost varies with location, project size and quality of materials.

Cost estimates for refinishing a hardwood floor include the expenses for delivering equipment and materials to the site, preparing the site for refinishing (including protecting other fixtures, finishes and materials), cleaning up the work site and any other hourly charges that are customary. Contractor fees, sales tax and permit fees that municipalities require are not part of the estimate.

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Expect to pay anywhere from $1.50 to $4 per square
The primary cost for your floor refinishing is the cost of the wood itself. If your wood is already installed, the cost should be relatively low. If there are pieces that are scuffed
It depends on the company you get this done by, and the type of wood your using, but looking at the everything I believe the average cost of wood per floor fit per square is about
Since Bella is a quality wood, you ll pay 6. a s/f and up. There is no "stock " answer . The width, and species of wood will determine the prices. You may be able to them
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