How Much Does It Cost Per Square Metre to Build a House?


The cost of building a house depends on the size of the hosue, and costs such as materials, labour and transport. Generally, it would cost you about 80,000-120,000 for a 1 bedroom house, to 94000-130000 for a 5 bedroom house.
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About a grand a metre give or take.
1. Calculate square footage. Although it seems this would be very straightforward, a major factor that can skew a building cost estimate is the difference between finished square
According to, average home construction costs in the State of California are $128.93 per square foot. These are usually "hard costs," or the cost of the actual
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On average, it is customary to estimate £50 per square foot or an average of £450 per square metre including walls. However, there is a high possibility ...
When owning a house, people usually buy houses that have already been built and then make renovations if needed. However, others want to build their own house ...
The average cost per square foot to build a house depends much on what the home building costs are. You can figure it out by the total cost of the project divided ...
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