How Much Does It Cost to Advertise on Radio?


The cost of radio advertising depends on the following factors and the main ones are: The Radio Station –listener numbers are the main determinant of the cost of advertising on a particular station. Therefore one should try to choose stations that have the highest concentration of target audience rather than the most popular stations. Length of the Ad – the standard length is usually 30 seconds, with 10 second ads being approximately half the price of 30 second ads. Time of Day – early morning hours and late afternoon hours are the most desirable times because more audience is reached and so are the most expensive. Length of the Campaign – longer campaigns are more expensive but cheaper on a per ad basis. In general it is best not to advertise on the radio for less than 4 weeks, unless it’s a highly intensive campaign. Campaign Frequency – radio advertising relies on repetition so do not have the ads spread out thinly. If one cannot afford high frequency ads consider advertising one week on and one week off over a couple of months. The Type of Advertising – radio stations are flexible with what advertising options they have, for example, one can often sponsor particular shows or features, or run a competition on air. There will also be the cost of the creative. Generally, developing the ad should not cost more than 10% of one’s budget – around £250 for small stations and £2,000 for some of the most popular stations. These fees include script writing, actors to speak in the ad, music and sound effects. However, if one would like a popular song it can cost up to £25,000 in licensing fees.
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Radio advertising is much more affordable than many people realise. Compared to the other usual advertising mediums ? television, newspapers, and magazines ? radio advertising reaches target audiences at the lowest cost. This affordability means that radio publicity is often the preferred mainstream advertising medium of small businesses.
According to Media UK, advertising on radio depends on the number of listeners tuning in at any particular time. The standard rate is about 2 for every 1000 listening during that time slot.
It will cost you about 2 per every 1000 listeners tuned in during any particular time slot. This is according to Media UK.
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