How Much Does It Cost to Board a Dog?


The cost to board a dog can vary from place to place, so you should always find out the costs of multiple places! Some can be as low as fifty dollars, and other hundreds. Be sure to read reviews and visit each location in person to make sure your dog will retrieve the best treatment as well.
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1. Look for a boarding kennel well in advance of your trip. Don't try to do it just a few days beforehand and expect good results. Talk to friends. Call around. Comparison shop. Prices
17520 for one year. i think.
If a retail store sells a game for $50, that means they bought it for $25 from their distributor. The 100% markup is because they need to pay rent, keep the lights on, pay their employees
I have seen prices range from $12 to $1000 for a single night of boarding. It depends on your location, the facility, what "package" you choose, and any additional services
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