How Much Does It Cost to Book Driving Test?


Booking a driving test cost between £15.00 and £124.00. For a car, the cost is £124.00 on weekdays and £150.00 on weekends. You can visit the Directgov website to get a breakdown of all the prices.
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1. Visit your state online Department of Motor Vehicle website. Follow the link to scheduling your road test online. 2. Give your Social Security number and date of birth when prompted
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$48 (additional $10 to retake written test; additional $20 to retake driving test)
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The cost of the driving theory test is dependent on the type vehicle you require it for and where you book it. If you book directly with the Driving Standards ...
Driving tests cost about £106 in the UK. This amount is divided into £31 for theory tests and £62 for practical lessons. The cost for weekends ...
You can book your driving test with the Driving Standards Agency (DSA). When you book your test with the DSA, you only pay the cost of the test: there is no extra ...
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