How Much Does It Cost to Build a 50 X 100 Steel Building?


It costs about $25,000.00 in materials to build a 50' x 100' x 16' steel building. The labor to build such a building would depend on who you had help you build it.
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It's depends on the wind load, eave height and location. We are a general contractor in southeast Texas and it can range from $2.50-4 a square foot. This is erection only.
According to Marshall & Swift, the cost to grade and lay 4"
Every building requiers a different foundation, one must keep building location in mind. A building in florida can cost 30% more for the same building in Georgia. If the building
A steel building of this size (40 foot x 60 foot = 2,400 square feet) is a good choice for warehousing, storage, shop and barn use. How you use your building, as well as the location
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