How Much Does It Cost to Build a Bowling Alley?


There are different factors to be considered before building a bowling alley. The building should be permanent and large enough and most importantly approved by the local authority. Ideally it should have a clear span in the bowling equipment area. The cost of constructing will depend with the material you will use and how big your bowling area or building will be. The estimated cost fo each lane is approximately $45,000 around 28,966.85. Before any construction you are required to check first with your insurer before initiating any construction plans.
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Bowling alleys are easy to make. All you need is about eight, long pieces of cardboard, a few heavy balls with three holes in each one, and some friends.
A six-lane alley, complete with snack bar, would be around $375,000.
$2,000,000.00. It's not as simple as you'd think. I went to Brunswick's website for this because they have good numbers. By the time they get to the end of it, you're looking at between
1. Choose a location in your home with ample space. Think beyond clearing a room for the lane, pin area and seating. Consider if you need distance from other parts of the house (or
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The estimated cost of starting a bowling alley in 2013 exceeds $100,000. Starting this type of business also requires pre-planning of at least a couple of years. ...
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