How much does it cost to build a house in the UK?


Though there is no set standard with regards to the cost of self-building a home in the UK, the National Self Build Association says that it is possible to build a three bed-roomed house for £150,000. The most prudent thing to do would be to prepare a budget with accurate information on a variety of costs such as legal fees, stamp duty and€ˆland tax, topographical site survey, design fees, structural engineers' fees, building regulations fees, among many others. Determinants of cost include size of home, shape of home, site preparation cost, overruns, inflation and market conditions.
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The standard of specification you choose will determine the price of building your house. For a standard build expect to pay from £250 per square meter (sqm) approximately; for a good build from £450 per sqm approximately; and for an excellent building you would pay from approximately £650 per sqm.
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The cost of building a house greatly depends on many factors. These are: the type of house, the design, the materials to be used, the location, the size, the budget ...
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