How much does it cost to build a two-car garage?


While costs vary greatly due to the location and plans of the garage, Fixr estimates the 2014 cost of building an attached two-car garage to average $27,040. This addition adds an average of $21,635 to the value of the home.

Building codes generally require a permit for building a garage, so always consult with the local building department before beginning any construction. Municipalities generally do not charge for such consultations.

Much of the cost of adding a garage is due to labor costs. Advanced handymen willing to do this work for themselves can reduce the overall cost substantially.

Several companies also offer prefabricated garage kits. Such kits come with most parts cut to size to reduce the amount of work and skill required to construct a quality garage. Other companies offer to complete the exterior shell of the garage while allowing the homeowner to complete any interior finishes.

When considering the type of garage to add, make use of plans online and in books from building supply stores. While both sources allow a preview of plans, complete construction sets typically require a purchase. Many of these companies also offer the option of alterations to the plans for an additional fee.

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