How Much Does It Cost to Build an Extension?


The approximate build cost for an extension is as follows: Planning cost £1,000 - £3,500; Shell Build £600 per square metre; Fixtures and fittings £400 per square metre; and Decorating and finishing £10 - £15 per square metre. The exact overall build cost will depend on the size of the extension errected.
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1. Create a building plan that shows all aspects of the desired extension. Examine this plan to determine the building materials needed to construct the extension. Write down the
How long is a piece of string? But average extensions are around £30,000 for a single story.
A plan of action. In order to accurately figure out the cost to build a garage, you'll need a plan. Be sure to consult with your local building inspector and homeowner's association
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Building extensions cost differs depending on the length of the extension for example a double storey extension costs between £1130 £500-1500 per m2, and a single storey costs £975 £500-1560.
The cost of building and extension depends on several factors, i.e. location, how busy the appropriate trades are, building requirements, special foundation etc. The final cost of the project could comprise: planning costs - from £1,000; shell built costs - from £600 per square metre; fixtures & fitting - from £400 per square metre; and decoration finishing - £10-£15 per square metre.
Home extensions have soared in popularity; brick built extensions can be estimated at £50 per square foot or £500 per square metre. However, you will then have the cost of any new fixtures and fittings on top of that and where you are in the country
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