How Much Does It Cost to Call Someone in Afghanistan with T Mobile?


It depends on if you're using a phone card or just your phones regular system. It would cost about $2.00 a minute to call someone from the US to Afghanistan.
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1. Select "Menu" on your Virgin Mobile cell phone. 2. Select "Settings" from the menu that appears. 3. Enter your unique four-digit lock code when prompted. 4.
Before dialing the Roshan number, you'll first have to dial the USA Exit code, so you start off with 011, then you dial Afghanistan's country code which is (93), and then you continue
SIM rental is available (if your phone is unlocked, of course). It should work, in theory, with any WCDMA phone that supports the 2100 MHz band. I have not tried it personally. However
Someone that is from Afghanistan is called an Afghan.
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