How Much Does It Cost to Change Your Name in Wisconsin?


The legal procedures involve in changing your name in the state of Wisconsin requires proper application and submission of required forms. These forms are available online or from the Clerk of Court.The only cost that you might incur during the process is in the publication of the Notice and Order for Name Change Hearing. State law requires that this notice be published once a week for three weeks. The cost may depend on the rate that local newspapers charge.
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1. Click the VINELink link provided in the "Resources" section of this article. 2. Type the last name and at least one letter of the first name of the offender, or type
The cost to change your name varies state to state, but will usually run between $80-$200. You can contact your local court house to obtain the necessary information and they should
Depend on you'r lawyer.
1 Name Change Forms. - You will need to fill out the following forms and have notarized: Wisconsin Name Change Petition Wisconsin Notice of Name Change Ad 2 Go to the County Court
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