How Much does It Cost to Charter a Helicopter?


To charter a helicopter cost can be very expensive. You have to pay for the crew, the time that you need the helicopter, the fuel and the insurance. Some charge for the amount of people too.
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To cost to charter a helicopter depends on how the individual company charges. Some places it will cost about $900 starting out to charter a helicopter.
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1. Contact the cruise managers and speak with the individual who can tell you if a helicopter can land safely on the ship while in motion and sea-bound. Clarify with the staff the
1 Search for "Helicopter Charter" on the internet or in a telephone directory. Ad 2 Set up the appointment. Expect to pay around $500 for a three passenger helicopter and
There are many companies in the UK that offer helicopter charter services. Some of these companies include Atlas Helicopters UK, Capital Air Services and Elite Helicopters.
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