How much does it cost to cremate someone?


The Cremation Research Council lists the 2014 average cost of cremation to be around $1,000. This figure includes only the cost of the cremation and does not include other costs typically involved with a funeral.

The exact cost of cremation varies by region, type of cremation service and the urn that is chosen by the family. Cremations are often more cost-effective than traditional casket burials. Many funeral homes offer cremation services and the cost includes service fees, picking up the corpse and storing it until the cremation is complete. Some crematoriums allow family members to witness or initiate the actual cremation. Crematoriums are able to provide a complete price listing of their services.

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How Much Does It Cost to Cremate Someone?
Cremation, versus a traditional funeral with burial, is on the rise because of a number of factors. The cost to cremate someone is about one-third that of a traditional funeral. The other reason for the increase involves environmental concerns. With... More »
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