How Much Does It Cost to Dig a Basement?


The cost to dig a basement can vary. The cost mainly depends on the size the basement will be as well as any obstacles that may lie in the way. If there needs to be blasting done in order to clear out rocks or roots, the costs will increase from a routine dig.
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1. Start by having the soil under your home inspected. If the soil is mostly rock, you may not be able to move ahead with the project. If the soil is clay based, it is fine for digging
The cost to dig a baaement is based on more than just the cost to dig it. It includes the cost of pouring cement footings, foundation, flatwork, sub-rough plumbing, gravel, and of
Last one I did was 3 weeks ago and I charged $12,893 and it was under capitol improvement thus no tax was charged but there was filing fee's and the designers fee.
1. Before you begin, talk to your local pest control folks. If you live in termite heaven [generally: south of 40 degrees North latitude] they may advise you to treat the ground before
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In order to put in a septic tank in Ontario, and most of Canada for that matter, you will pay about $6,000.00. Much of the cost is for digging the hole and the ...
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