How Much does It Cost to Drill a Water Well?


With having a water well drilled and the cost of it actually depends on how far they have to drill for water. It can cost around $12.00 a foot to drill for the water. However just drilling the well is not the only expense the pipes, pump and labor for drilling a well can run you in into $10,000.00. You can find more information here:
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It depends how deep they have to drill for the water. ANS 2.In Canada it currently costs about $48 per foot plus a 'set up ' charge of approximately $3,500. - In my area an average
All depends how deep it is. There is often a charge per meter of depth along with a base fee. The best thing is to find out what nearby properties have. That is you best source for
You can purchase the Craftsman Drill Press from any Sears store for the price of
Answer Water will easily damage bearing surfaces, as well as metal surfaces. Since water is hydraulic, it tears up a motor. If there is definite damage, the motor would need to be
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How Much Does It Cost to Drill a Water Well?
Drilling a water well is an important step in building a new home in rural areas. Some homeowners with access to city water may choose to drill a well in order to remain more self-sufficient and pay lower fees. However, the cost of a new well can be... More »
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There are a lot of factors in how much it will cost to drill a water well. Each company will charge a different price for their services and each state will also be different. An average cost for drilling the well is going to run you around $12 a foot. Sometimes you will hit water in 100 feet, other times you will go 500 feet. Now you need to figure in the cost of pipes and pumps and labor. A typical well can average up to $10,000 depending on what options you choose to go with. You can find more information here:
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