How Much Does It Cost to Empty a Septic Tank?


The cost of emptying a septic tank depends on your location for the prices may vary. It usually cost around $250 to $300. You may also want to inquire your nearest siphoning station for a specific quote of price.
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1. Find out what size your tank is. The average one is nine feet long, four to five feet wide and five feet tall. However, they can be bigger or smaller. The size of the tank and
If you have been treating your septic tank monthly with a bacteria treatment such as Rid-X, then it needs to be emptied every five years or so. If not, then it needs to be emptied
it depends how big it is its about 150 bucks us dollars.
In Iowa, if I dig open the cover myself It costs me $350. In Oregon it cost me $235. Embed Quote
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