How much does it cost to feed a horse for a year?


The amount of feed required will depend on the type and size of the horse, its exercise routine and whether it is stabled or at grass. A hardy horse or pony living out all year and only receiving light exercise may need little additional feed if any. However a horse receiving regular exercise may require some hard feed. Adding together the minimal hay and grain expenses it gives a total of $622.50 yearly for food, not including any food supplements you may wish to provide your horse.
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If you have a horse/pony feed bags can range from $20-$60 although most just are about $40. Hay can be about $5 a bale. That depends on how much feed it needs and what type of feed
Blue Seal horse feed has different prices depending on the type. Prices
The horse stable normally cost at the most 20,000 least 10,000
It all depends on the age, quality, breed, temper, and abilities.
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