How Much does It Cost to Fill a Home Propane Tank?


The amount that it cost to fill a home propane tank depends on how much that you need, but the basic cost runs about $2.68 per week and to fill a 500 gallon tank it will cost about $1000. You can find more information here:
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In Upstate NY as of 3/21/09 at 1pm EST at my local filling station, it cost me $15 to fill a tank I already own.
Using an average tank it costs about $25 A big tank can be up to
(gallon size of tank) * (current gas price) = cost to fill tank.
Depends on the car and price of gas. A small nissan could be $20 and a full size truck could take $60. More info in your question might help. Source(s): 15 yr exp ASE cert master
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To fill a home propane tank first figure out how many gallons your tank is. Next call your local propane dealer and see what the cost is per gallon. Now multiply the amount of gallons with the per gallon cost.
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