How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Bent Car Frame?


To fix a bent car frame, a person can expect to spend about $600 on average, in 2012. In many cases the price may be closer to $400. This will depend on what else needs to be fixed and where the vehicle is fixed.
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The cost of a bent frame really depends on the amount it is bent and the location. The price range varies.
1. Know exactly where the frames need to be fixed. Lay the glasses flat on a table upside down. The top of the lens frames should touch the table and the earpiece ends should point
It depends on the severity of the bend and where the bend is. Source(s): personal experience
Car frames are straightened using an automotive frame
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The cost to repair a bent car frame has many different factors. Different mechanics charge different prices based on experience and area. The amount of damage ...
A bent car frame is usually the result of an impact, whether that's from backing into a pole, or being struck by another car. A bent frame must be addressed by ...
If your frame is bent or cracked is not going to matter because places don't want to fix bent frames anymore. Your car will most likely be totaled if there is ...
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