How much does it cost to fix a blown head gasket?


The cost to fix a blown head gasket ranges anywhere from $600 to $1,500. However, if there is cylinder head or engine damage, the cost can be considerably more.

The price for fixing a blown head gasket differs for each vehicle, but the severity of damage caused by overheating plays a significant role in the overall cost to fix the problem. If it is noticeable that a car is overheating on a regular basis, it is important to seek out professional help because the task of repairing a blown head gasket is quite complicated and requires extensive knowledge and experience.

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a toyota corolla is a 4cyl. so i would highly doubt it would cost a fortune to buy a new headgasket. call your local auto parts store i.e:o'rielleys, autozone, advanced auto parts
To fix a head gasket the price is between $700 and $900, Thanks for...
Have a 94 Honda Civic LX. Radiator develope a hole and overheated the engine. Dealer quoted price of $1900 to replace cylinder head gasket, valve covers, timing belts, water pump
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In the US, Head Gasket repair prices can vary. The head gasket part itself costs around $75, but the labor to replace it is much more costly. Prices may vary depending ...
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