How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Blown Head Gasket for a BMW 98?


How much you will have to pay to repair a 1998 BMW blown head gasket depends on which BMW you have, as they all have different cylinders. The parts alone can vary in price from $39.00 to over $200.00.
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Answer Replacing the head gasket on an SL model Saturn is a fairly simply operation, requiring few tools beyond your basic, with the exception of a torque wrench, which can usually
Take the head off and have it checked for cracks or warpage. Then pick up the gasket and put it in yourself. Take the money you save and use it for gas money. :)
This depends on how badly damaged it is:
for a 92 i would do it for about 550 but thats just my price shops will be higher probably about 800-1200.
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