How Much does It Cost to Fix An Alternator?


If you have the alternator installed for you count on spending at least $300. If you install one yourself you might be able to find a rebuilt one for $130 to $150.
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In order to fix an alternator yourself, you will probably end up spending fifteen dollars for the supplies and tools. You will need to purchase a bearing puller, solder gun, and new parts for the alternator. The parts for the alternator should cost under five dollars.
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It really depends. I am having problems with mine right now. I gave a guy a jump start with my car running (not a good idea, apparently) and fried something.may be a fuseable link
How much does an alternator cost? It depends on the year, make of vehicle, engine size, how the vehicle is equipped, the amperage output and the brand. The alternators on older vehicles
1. Make a note of the "clock" position of the alternator. This is the front to back way it is housed in the engine. Remember it for when you re-assemble the alternator.
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If you are purchasing a rebuilt alternator and installing it yourself the cost could be kept under $150. Repair shops charge by the hour so check your mechanic's ...
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