How Much Does It Cost to Fix an iPod Screen?


The cost to fix an iPod screen is on average around $100. This includes the price for the screen and the time spent replacing it. However, there are some smaller local locations that would be able to do it at a lower price.
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well when my screen cracked i took it back to where i got it because it was only a week after i got it that it cracked and (i got it at Target) and they took it back and gave me a
1. Unplug the iPod from your computer or any other docking power station. It must be independent of any other device. 2. Attempt a "hard" reset. iPod Nano (6th Generation)
1 The first thing you can try is a hard reboot. Hold the "Home" button and the "power" button both down for 30-40 seconds, or until the Apple logo appears on the
You could possibly find a screen on Ebay for the iPod Touch 4g for 20 .
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To fix the screen on an iPod 4th generation nano yourself it would cost about ten dollars for just the replacement part. If you can't do this yourself and would ...
The cost for Triple J Electronics to repair a broken screen on n iPod is not mentioned on their website. Though they do these types of repairs, and much more, ...
It really should cost nothing if you still have the warranty for the Ipod Nano. Apple will do their repairs for free if the warranty is not yet expired. ...
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