How Much Does It Cost to for Secondary Education?


Parents pay for various needs for their children to enable them to have a proper education. These payments cover stationery, transport, uniforms, trips and meals. The cost of secondary school was £1,195.47 in 2007. The cost has risen since then due to inflation, high cost of living and other factors. Over 11 years of compulsory education, the cost for one child reaches £10,080. The figures included extra classes for which a fee was charged and voluntary parental contributions.
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Secondary Education is high school, grades nine through twelve. When you have completed a secondary education, you have received a diploma from high school.
The average cost of a post secondary education in Colorado is about $4,427.00 US Dollars for tuition alone. You will have to add residency costs to this figure if you plan to live
These first years of school provide students with the basic knowledge of several subjects, including math, science, language arts, history and geography. Students in secondary schools
This calculator will tot up the costs and tell you now much you need to save - starting now. See . (Go to "Calculators" under "Popular Links".)
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