How much does it cost to get a dog neutered?


In 2013, Robert Wolfe reported in "How Much Does It Cost" that the average cost to neuter a male dog ranged from $45 to $150 and between $50 and $200 to spay a female. The cost includes an exam, anesthesia, surgery and hospitalization.

Testicle removal in males is a relatively simple and safe procedure. Spaying a female, however, involves major abdominal surgery to remove ovaries and uterus, and requires additional surgical and post-surgical care. Other spaying and neutering charges may include a pre-surgery blood panel to assure properly functioning liver and kidneys, which is important if the dog is overweight, pregnant or has other health issues which make surgery more risky. Costs vary by geographic location and are also determined by where the surgery is performed: an animal hospital or a low-cost clinic, such as the Humane Society. Additional costs are discussed with the owner prior to surgery.

Neutering or spaying a dog reduces its risk of developing reproductive cancers and increases its life span. There are few drawbacks to neutering a male. Neutering reduces a male dog's urge to mark territory or fight and makes him less likely to stray from home. Spayed and neutered dogs are calmer and more tolerant, which is important if children are in the home.

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