How Much Does It Cost to Get into Alton Towers?


Alton Towers has various charges for accessing their theme parks, rides and myriad of fun attractions, which are conveniently packaged at roughly £50 for the patron's convenience. Tickets range from 1-day to 3-day tickets, which also include a 'Kids Go Free' option.
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Alton Towers is a theme park in Staffordshire, England. It is a them park that was built around a former home. It is the home of the first inverted roller coaster.
If you book online then a day ticket for a child is £8.00, an adult £14.40 and a Carer £6.80. But there are special discounts for family groups and numerous seasonal
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The restaruants are as follows: 'Courtyard Tavern' in Mutiny Bay. Meals are between £7 and £10. 'Explorers Pizza and Pasta Buffet' in Katanga Canyon. Meals are between
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The cost to Alton Towers by train depends on the point of departure for example from Stoke-on-Trent Rail Station, an adult return is ...
As of the year 2011, the cost of going to Alton Towers was 28 pounds for an adult and 22 pounds for children. Alton Towers is a theme park and resort located in ...
If you book tickets for the Alton Towers online, you will pay around £15.84 for adults. It is £9.60 for children with ages 4 to 11. For online booking ...
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