How Much Does It Cost to Get Married in a Registry Office?


To get married at a registry office, each partner will need to pay for the banns which costs £33.50 per person. Then the cost of registering the marriage is £40.00 and there is a £3.50 charge for the marriage certificate.
3 Additional Answers
In recent years, getting married in the registry has been a way of cutting costs for weddings. It costs less than 40 pounds to give notice of the marriage. The ceremony itself should have no religious links whatsoever.
To get married at a registry office, you will need to give the appropriate notice which carries a cost of £33.50 per person. To register the marriage, it will cost £40.00 and the cost of the marriage certificate is £3.50.
As of April 2012, it costs about ???œ84 to get married at a registry office. It will cost you ???œ35.00 for giving a registration notice, ???œ45.00 to register the marriage, and ???œ4.00 for the marriage certificate. For detailed information on how to conduct and register a marriage, visit:
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