How Much does It Cost to Get Your GED in Florida?


Actual cost of GED testing in Florida is determined at the local level but should never exceed $75.00 Also look around there are numerous places that offer GED class for free.
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To take the General Education Development (GED) test, the cost will be dictated by the Testing Center. This cost may range from less than $40 to $100 to administer the 5 tests involved
1. Visit a local library to check out and read study guides for the GED test. Some libraries may have sample GED test question books as well as thorough guidebooks for each subject
The best way to find out about the GED is to contact an expert at a community college, a public library, or the central offices of the local school district. Any of those places will
Florida gulf coast university in fort Meyers as well as key west community college, Indian river state college.
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How much it costs to get your GED really depends on where you live. The cost for GED testing is about $50 to $90 dollars. There are sometimes a course that goes ...
The cost to get your GED will depend on your local county or city school board. The classes to study are free, but the GED itself will cost anywhere from $50-$90 ...
The cost to take the GED test for all subject is approximately $70.00. In order to pass the GED course you must study as much as possible. You can find more information ...
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