How Much Does It Cost to Get Your Maiden Name Back after Divorce?


Visit your county circuit court and get form PC 51, the Petition to Change Name, and fill it out. This form must then be filed with the circuit court. Filing this form will cost you $150.
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1. Tell the judge you wish to take back your maiden name. During your divorce proceedings, tell the judge that you wish to change your name back to your maiden name. Be sure to tell
1. Find out your state's requirements for making a name change. While state guidelines on name changes may vary, you will need to make a name change on your Social Security card,
This may vary by state, but as long as no fraud is involved, whatever name you want to use is pretty much up to you. Inform your DMV and bank. If more is required they will let you
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To return back to your maiden name after a divorce, you must go through the courts and have it changed legally. Once that is settled, you'll need to have all ...
If you add the name change to your divorce decree then typically its included in your divorce and your lawyer should help with the necessary paperwork. Hope this ...
You can mention that in your divorce proceedings and the judge can take care of it then, that way you will not have to file extra paperwork and there will be no ...
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