How Much Does It Cost to Have My Dog Put down?


According to a BBC article written in 2010, having a dog put down costs £85. This includes the £32 charge for euthanasia, £34 for cremation, and a £6 pentobarbitone. If you're thinking about having your dog put down, you can go have a word with a local veterinarian.
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The cost for putting down a dog ranges from clinic to clinic, it costs 45 pounds. But the price can vary.
A dog can be put down due to old age or body detriation and the cost of putting a dog down through a vet can be about $50.00 dollars through an animal clinic. Also, the cost can depend on what you want to do with the body because if you want to cremate, it will cost about $160.
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It dose not cost much usually under $50 but could be more. Vets charge different prices and will take care of the body for you. The procedure is painless and quick.
1. Decide where you'd like to put your dog to sleep. Your veterinarian can schedule an appointment at his office, though many veterinarians can perform the procedure at your home.
Most dogs are put down humanely with euthanasia. When your veterinarian gives your dog (or any other animal) euthanasia they give the animal a standard injection which is like a vaccine
It really depends on where you live, there is no standard fee. But it
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