How Much Does It Cost to Install an Alternator?


The cost to install an alternator can be as much as 500 dollars. If you do the job yourself, the price is cut in half.
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You can take off the positive side of the battery, locate were the belts are and take them off. Locate the bolts that hold on the alternator, taking them off then the wires. Repeat
220 alone for the alternator n 150 for labor cost totaling over 300 dollars.
How much does an alternator cost? It depends on the year, make of vehicle, engine size, how the vehicle is equipped, the amperage output and the brand. The alternators on older vehicles
1. Disconnect the negative battery cable and lay it aside, ensuring that it doesn't touch metal. Unplug the alternator's wiring harness connector. Remove the power wire, using the
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If you have the alternator installed for you count on spending at least $300. If you install one yourself you might be able to find a rebuilt one for $130 to ...
If you are purchasing a rebuilt alternator and installing it yourself the cost could be kept under $150. Repair shops charge by the hour so check your mechanic's ...
If your alternator has gone out, then you are probably wondering how much it should cost to replace an alternator. The cost will vary greatly depending on the ...
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