How Much does It Cost to Install Lojack?


It will cost you, approximately, $300 to install a LoJack. The cost of installation does not include the cost of the LoJack. The installation cost may be higher in certain regions of the country.
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The cost to install Lojack in your car varies. For a basic system, it will cost around $700. For a total protection package, it will run around $1,000 plus the cost of installation. You can find more information here:
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There is a range in the cost of lojack starting from $25.00 up to $695.00. You can have what is called the lojack early warning for $25.00 which will let you know if someone tries
1. Do your research, so you can make sure that LoJack is an investment you want to make. Also determine whether you want the additional early warning system that places a call to
i paid about 1200 dollars with the install and the lojack for life. comes with early warning so if the bike is moved it call your cell phone your home phone and sends a text message
It depends. They prefer that you contact them for
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From the installation of Lojack in my vehicle it was about $600 which included the Lojack unit, basic coverage, and installation. You can other package like the ...
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